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    lightning illuminates an ash cloud that extends ten kilometres high in this june 5, 2011 eruption of puyehue volcano, near osorno in southern chile. known as a dirty thunderstorm, this phenomenon is yet to be explained by science, as the source of the lightning (or the specific mechanism by which particles of differing charges are separated in the ash cloud) continues to be debated.   

    photos by (click pic) claudio santanaivan alvarado, francisco negroni and carlos gutierrez.  (see also: the eruption of japan’s sakurajima volcano and the eruptions in eyjafjallajokull, iceland

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  3. I forgot how good, bad, and crazy it feels to really have a crush on someone. I hate it but I love how bad it feels. So good. And yet I’m going out of my mind because I know I’ll never do anything about it.

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  5. "At two o’clock in the morning, if you open your window and listen,
    You will hear the feet of the Wind that is going to call the sun.
    And the trees in the Shadow rustle and the trees in the moonlight glisten,
    And though it is deep, dark night, you feel that the night is done."

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  6. "I will not be your “sometimes”."

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    if we are spooning and i arch my butt into you there is a 1000% chance i don’t actually have to stretch and that i just want to feel your boner

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    Filming a rainbow when suddenly.

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